Friday, January 22, 2016

Zi Yi's Buffet

Ziyi attended his first after school activities at school today.
As usual picked up him from daycare after works and we start to talk.
mum: what do you eat for lunch today?
ziyi: XX's sister help me to buy Nasi Lemak.
ziyi: mummy, do you know that in afternoon, our school canteen got buffet?
mum: Is that the one they will give you white rice had lots dishes there?
ziyi: yaya, then you can take whatever you like. is a buffet. really!!
mum: Thats called mixed rice ziyi.
ziyi: Can I try the buffet next week?
mum: sure, go ahead for the mixed rice.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Teacher Ziyi with Horrid Henry

Ziyi went to Ace Adventure English class. Today, teacher giving an instruction to them said, imagine you are Horrid Henrry's teacher, write a good behaviour contract and get Henry Signed.

Here is what ziyi wrote:

Contract for Good Behaviour
You must not hit anyone and do not call Perfect Peter bad words, otherwise you will be called "The whole world's Poo". If you are still bad you have to swim 3000 kilometers. If you are good you will receive a computer game.

You must eat junk food once a month only or else you will be stuck in a maze. If you are still bad, you have to do spelling that has 9999999 words. If you are good, you can play a video game.

从文章里看来,孩子希望我们奖励他时玩个computer game 哦!

《Horrid Henry》