Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ Oct 2012

09 Oct 2012:
ziyi run and want to cross the road in front of nanny house.

me: STOP !!!

ziyi Stopped ( phew...)

me: ziyi, if you want to cross the road you need to stop and look at the left and right. If no car then you only can cross over.
ziyi:Yes. When you want to cross the road you need 2 special steps.
me: what is the steps?
ziyi: Step 1, you need to stop and look at left and right.
ziyi: Step 2, If no cars. then you can go any where.
me: you can not go any where. you only can cross the road!
ziyi: Yes. you only cross the road and all you need to do is 2 specials steps.
ziyi: Special Agent OSO need 3 Special Steps. if you cross the road you only need 2 Special Steps.

06 Oct 2012:
ziyi: The sun raise from the "dong" (东) is called A.M
ziyi: The sun goes to the "xi" (西) is called P.M
ziyi: 东南西北 (finger point to right, bottom, left, top) this is called North, South, East, West.

** Oh My !! why he mixed Chinese and English. Poor things is why the sequence of the direction in words for Chinese and English is not the same!! Not sure how long to take to explain to him again. Help !!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ Nov 2012

09 Nov 2012:
Ziyi:mummy, why you so greedy?
Me:ziyi, do you know what greedy means?
Ziyi:you buy so many things....
Ziyi: now our house got so many books, so many toys and so many puzzle!

Walao.... Like that also Kena shoot by him!

26 Nov 2012:
Chris Chern is helping me clean up the ceiling fan.
Ziyi refuse to play and want to monitor his daddy

I questioned him: Ziyi, is that you worry daddy will fall down?
ziyi: NO, daddy will not fall down.
me: Why?
ziyi: Because daddy is HERO!
I guess daddy was very happy to hear this.

then ziyi continue: 
If daddy fall down then mummy can do ...

after that he continue monitor his dad and now mummy keep laughing.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ Sept 2012

06 Sept 2012:
I was reading the animals facts cards with ziyi. We read on the fish category. On the Food column there is a fish eat other small fish and blood!
me: ziyi, mummy so scare, this fish eat blood and he will eat us as we got blood in our body....
ziyi: hmm.... ( keep thinking and looking at the card. )
ziyi: No worries mummy..... they live in the water! They can't bite us !
me: Ohhh Boy !!!! 

Suddenly feel so stupid to give this as an example to tell him that there is blood on our body. hahaha

23 Sept 2012:
ziyi: mummy, I got an idea....
mummy: what idea?
ziyi: You can drink a lots of water, then you go toilet. then you will slim down !

to ziyi : I know you want mummy slim down as what mummy wish, but this will not work :(

Monday, September 24, 2012

25 Sept 2012 - 生日快乐


Friday, August 31, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ August 2012

25 August 2012
ziyi is watching "Food Fun" DVD talking about food, fruits, etc. There is introduction for pumpkin. video says.... "Here is the pumpkin patch."

Ziyi mumble and said: Yes... Pumpkin patch is at the Isetan!

*fainted ... He is referring the pumpkin patch to the kids fashion brand that he saw in Isetan!

27 August 2012
This is how ziyi spell Merdeka:
We corrected him but end up he till insist Merdeka should have DAY, and here is the new word:

28 August 2012
Zi yi enter the car and saw a chocolate bar then he question.
"Daddy, is this a surprise?"
Daddy said: "No."
Me: " ziyi do you feel surprise when seeing that?"
ziyi said: " Yes!"
Me: "Then this is a surprise."
Ziyi excited and says: Thanks !!

I wonder he really understand on the meaning of surprise! Well... maybe yes as he sounds excited. hahahaha...

30 August 2012
There is some left over apple purée from zi Han, lets see zi yi want to take some or not.

Me: ziyi, do you want to eat some purée?
Ziyi: yes. I eat at 1 years old.
Scope some and prepare to feed him. But he rejected and says with a puzzle face: " I eat at 1years old! I dunno how to grow DOWN.. I only can grow up......."
Me: So, you can not eat now?
Ziyi: can not.
Zi Yi 4th Birthday @ Sitiawan... 

Zi Yi 4th Birthday @ San Lorenzol

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ July 2012

22 July:
Ziyi: mummy, you are so fat.
Me: then how abt ziyi?
Ziyi: I am so thin and daddy so thin and zi Han so thin...
Me: mummy where got fat? Show me where is my fat!
Ziyi point to my belly and says : HERE!
Don't know should laugh or angry....

* to ziyi: mummy's belly turns fat all because of you and zi Han!

15 July:
ziyi: mummy I want to become angry man.
me: why? why so angry?
ziyi: Just like Spiderman. I want to become Angry Man!
* He is refer to Angry Birds. =="

4 July:
Me: ziyi, today is zi han's birthday. can you choose one Barbie doll cake for zi han?
Ziyi: can I cut the cake with zi Han?
Me: sure, you can do that.
Ziyi: but I think I can't choose Barbie doll cake.
Me: why?
Ziyi: because I am boy!
Me: zi Han is girl, girl like Barbie doll cake.
Ziyi: but I cut the cake, I can not cut Barbie doll cake.
Me: today is not 18 August, today is zihan birthday so we buy Barbie doll cake.

At the cake house....
Me: ziyi can you choose for zihan? Pink Barbie doll?
Ziyi: hmmmm.... I want blue Barbie doll. Because I am boy....

Speechless ......

Zi Han's Barbie Doll Cake

2nd Celebration @ AVM Park

Zi Han and Gong Gong Po Po

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ June 2012

4 June:
Mummy:ziyi faster come and take bath, you are smelly.
Ziyi:No! You can not say me smelly! Smelly is not good and very Dominic
Mummy:you means Dominic gor gor say you are smelly Izit?
Ziyi:NO! I say You also can call him UNCLE!

One of the activities that he will do with his Dominic gor gor

25 June
Mummy: wow, ziyi you are 100cm already!
Ziyi: but I want to be Mummy: wow, ziyi you are 100cm already!
Ziyi: but I want to be here...(point to 110 to 120 area )
Mummy: sure, you can get that if you eat more rice , drink more milk.
Ziyi: but my teacher said I am 99 only.....( he referring to his school report record on May.)
Does this means he not trust my measurement? LoL...(point to 110 to 120 area )
Mummy: sure, you can get that if you eat more rice , drink more milk.
Ziyi: but my teacher said I am 99 only.....( he referring to his school report record on May.)

Does this means he not trust my measurement? LoL

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ May 2012

31 May:


16 May:
ziyi was playing toys at Isetan. he get a toy and want to buy it.
mummy: ziyi, you see this toy says that only for 5 years old ( sign: 5+ and above ). How old are you now?
ziyi: 4 years old. (ziyi very sad and disappointed.)
ziyi: mummy, I want to buy this.....
I try to use the same approach and try to not buy the toys for him.
ziyi: you see... is for 4 years old .... that's me !!! Is for me !!!

opps...... any good excuse for me?

15 May:
Mummy: tomorrow is teachers day. Let's go pasar raya boring grap some snack for the party.
Ziyi:tomorrow is teacher Rina and teacher Joanna day.
Ziyi:then after that teacher Janalle day.....then
He named all the teacher, finally. That's the end of his teacher day.

1st May:
Ziyi said, I hope everyday is labour day. Then Ziyi asked what is labour day?

Mummy explained that this is a day daddy mummy no need to work. Everyone also no need to work and take a rest. That's why you don't have school because teacher also no need to work and no need to teach you.

Ziyi worries and say......."Can, teacher can work, she can teach me...."
I think he misunderstand that I said his teacher can't continue teach him.

So Cham, in his world daddy mummy and teacher can't take rest.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ April 2012

20 April:
Ziyi:mummy can you help me open this one?
Mummy:ziyi, mummy not free, can you ask daddy help?
Ziyi: daddy, can you help me.
Chris is like did not notice or just don't boder him.
Suddenly ......
Ziyi: STRONG boy, can you help me?
The strong boy have to admit he is strong and finally ziyi get helped!
Ziyi: Thank you strong boy.......

The end.

3 April:
Ziyi: mummy, I can see the coconut tree.
Mummy: I can see the banana tree too.
Ziyi:coconut plus banana equals to what?
Mummy:I don't know.
Ziyi:you know.......
Mummy:I don't know... Coconut plus banana equals to fruits?
Ziyi:I say coconut plus banana equals to pineapple.

1st April
Mummy: ziyi, I am lost, don't know how to go back home now.
Ziyi:ohh.. Then we must get some help!
Mummy: ziyi, are you a man?
Mummy:are you sure? A man can protect mummy and do many things.
Ziyi: yes, I can. And I can do reading and play Logico game and do everything.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ March 2012

28 March:
ziyi: mummy, what is "gigi gaga" (in malay)
mummy: lady-gaga izit? ( try to understand the question seriously )
ziyi: No.. I said gentleman gaga.
what talking you ziyi??? I don't understand ler....

27 March:
Ziyi: what a mess .....
Mummy: who mess up the place?
Ziyi: zi Han ....
Ziyi, pls don't always point zihan mess up the place! You are the person who make the mess!

23 March:
I was driving......

mummy:ziyi, you can you side down so that dont let daddy see you and when daddy open the door you can give daddy a surprise.
Ziyi quickly sit down then he asked.
Ziyi: what is surprise?
Mummy: surprise means you give people a shock but is VERY HAPPY.
Ziyi: and very CAKE!
Mummy:what is very cake?
Ziyi: cake means happy birthday. So is very CAKE.

He answer very seriously .......

8 March part 1:
mummy: ziyi, what is the different between silent and quiet?
ziyi: hmmm... I don't know.
mummy: silent means no sounds. Quiet means low sounds.
ziyi: then how about high sounds?
( he is referring to his piano class high key and low key, and I suddenly can't recall the word LOUD !! let me ask again tomorrow night and answer him loudly. lol)

8 March part 2:
mummy: ziyi, what is the different between you and zi han?
ziyi: hmm.... I don't know.
mummy: one of the different between you and zi han is you are boy and zi han is girl.
ziyi: then we need to put a cross for zi han. different means not same. zi han is not same, must put a cross on zi han.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ JAnuaray & Febuary 2012

11 Febuary:
mummy, what is the opposite of sweet? Sour or Bitter ? ....... !!!-_- *sweat

10 Januaray:
mummy: what did you do at school today?
ziyi:I play got play game.
mummy:what game?
ziyi:hmmm... I don't know.
mummy: How to play?
ziyi:hmm.. hmm.. step 1,play. step 2, go back to the classroom.
( well... I still don't know what he had played)
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