Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ April 2012

20 April:
Ziyi:mummy can you help me open this one?
Mummy:ziyi, mummy not free, can you ask daddy help?
Ziyi: daddy, can you help me.
Chris is like did not notice or just don't boder him.
Suddenly ......
Ziyi: STRONG boy, can you help me?
The strong boy have to admit he is strong and finally ziyi get helped!
Ziyi: Thank you strong boy.......

The end.

3 April:
Ziyi: mummy, I can see the coconut tree.
Mummy: I can see the banana tree too.
Ziyi:coconut plus banana equals to what?
Mummy:I don't know.
Ziyi:you know.......
Mummy:I don't know... Coconut plus banana equals to fruits?
Ziyi:I say coconut plus banana equals to pineapple.

1st April
Mummy: ziyi, I am lost, don't know how to go back home now.
Ziyi:ohh.. Then we must get some help!
Mummy: ziyi, are you a man?
Mummy:are you sure? A man can protect mummy and do many things.
Ziyi: yes, I can. And I can do reading and play Logico game and do everything.

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