Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ March 2012

28 March:
ziyi: mummy, what is "gigi gaga" (in malay)
mummy: lady-gaga izit? ( try to understand the question seriously )
ziyi: No.. I said gentleman gaga.
what talking you ziyi??? I don't understand ler....

27 March:
Ziyi: what a mess .....
Mummy: who mess up the place?
Ziyi: zi Han ....
Ziyi, pls don't always point zihan mess up the place! You are the person who make the mess!

23 March:
I was driving......

mummy:ziyi, you can you side down so that dont let daddy see you and when daddy open the door you can give daddy a surprise.
Ziyi quickly sit down then he asked.
Ziyi: what is surprise?
Mummy: surprise means you give people a shock but is VERY HAPPY.
Ziyi: and very CAKE!
Mummy:what is very cake?
Ziyi: cake means happy birthday. So is very CAKE.

He answer very seriously .......

8 March part 1:
mummy: ziyi, what is the different between silent and quiet?
ziyi: hmmm... I don't know.
mummy: silent means no sounds. Quiet means low sounds.
ziyi: then how about high sounds?
( he is referring to his piano class high key and low key, and I suddenly can't recall the word LOUD !! let me ask again tomorrow night and answer him loudly. lol)

8 March part 2:
mummy: ziyi, what is the different between you and zi han?
ziyi: hmm.... I don't know.
mummy: one of the different between you and zi han is you are boy and zi han is girl.
ziyi: then we need to put a cross for zi han. different means not same. zi han is not same, must put a cross on zi han.

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