Friday, December 26, 2014

管家仔 - 子毅

Ziyi: mum, do you drink cola?
Me: Yes. 
Ziyi: Do you drink a lots? 
Me: err... Not really. 
Ziyi: Then that's okay.
Me: why?
Ziyi: Because if you drink cola. It affected the white blood cell to fight with the bacteria for 7 hours.
Me: Ooo, then I can't drink it anymore?
Ziyi: nvm. If you drink a little bit only nvm, just make sure you don't drink a lot.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

ZiYi's Ball of Confusion Mood

Ziyi: mummy, can people push your car and make it move? 
Me: Yes.
Ziyi: how much strength we need? 
Me: err... Need a lots of strength then. 
Ziyi: If 6 years old kids like me le?
Me: maybe 10.
Ziyi: wow then one 60 years old man can push your car!
Me: err.... If old man then maybe 3.
Ziyi : har?? 180 years old?
Ziyi: if people like daddy le?
Me: hmmm... Maybe one?
Ziyi: then women like you le?
Me: Maybe 3?
Ziyi : mummy... I am confuse. I am in ball of confusion mood again

Monday, December 1, 2014


写道最后一句。"I am going to", 他停顿了一下,用手摸掉眼泪,继续写.. "miss you."
Initially he was not writing the introduction for his memory book seriously. However I totally can't hold my tear when I saw this scene ....
he was writing on the last sentences. "I am going to" and he pause for a while and wipe his tear by using his hand and continue wrote "miss you".
I can feel how much he will going to miss his friend, his school and his teachers. Thank you all the teachers. Your education not only abc and 123. You develop him as a whole person.Thank you teacher giving him such a colourful memory on his early education life. Thank you for let him feel that learning is so much fun. Thanks for everything.

依依不舍 will miss you all