Thursday, December 18, 2014

ZiYi's Ball of Confusion Mood

Ziyi: mummy, can people push your car and make it move? 
Me: Yes.
Ziyi: how much strength we need? 
Me: err... Need a lots of strength then. 
Ziyi: If 6 years old kids like me le?
Me: maybe 10.
Ziyi: wow then one 60 years old man can push your car!
Me: err.... If old man then maybe 3.
Ziyi : har?? 180 years old?
Ziyi: if people like daddy le?
Me: hmmm... Maybe one?
Ziyi: then women like you le?
Me: Maybe 3?
Ziyi : mummy... I am confuse. I am in ball of confusion mood again

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