Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zi Yi and Me @ December 2011

27 December 2011:
beh tahan the silly question from ziyi!!!
why choo choo train make the sounds "choo choo" ?? and cloud come out?
why doughnuts must in circle?
why aeroplane and superman can fly?
why.... why .... why .....

23 Dec 2011:
mummy: ziyi, you see, this is ??. do you want it?
ziyi: no! I don't want Play-Doh.
mummy and daddy:LOL....

19 Dec 2011:
Mummy:ooo..... Ziyi beat mummy! Must call the ant to bite you.
Ziyi:(shout as he scare), No! Wait first, must call police to KILL ants.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Zi Yi and Me @ November 2011

27 November 2011:
Mummy: Ziyi, where daddy go?
Ziyi:new land..
Mummy: no ziyi, daddy go Netherlands, or you can say Holland.
Ziyi: or Thailand.

Zi Yi want to show daddy the vampire look via Skype Video

26 November 2011:
Mummy: ziyi can you sit down, mummy need to make a u-turn. If not you will fall down.

Ziyi sit down.
Ziyi:mummy, what are you doing?
Mummy:mummy make a u-turn.
Ziyi:okay, I made a J-turn!

27 November 2011:
Ziyi Ask: why must close your eye when you sleep?
Me: Because I am tired.
Then I ask him, "why you want to close your eye?"
He laugh and say: haha... Because I want to sleep.
Daddy missed ziyi first concert due to business trip

Another Handsome picture from San Lorenzol Concert

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girl with Girl and Boy with Boy

This is what I told ziyi in someday.
"ziyi, mummy help zihan take bath now. later daddy will help you." Ziyi is rejecting and keep asking why? Then I told him because "girl with girl and boy with boy"
Sounds like he understand and daddy helping him take bath all the time.

yesterday I was in the middle of nursing. ziyi asking: mummy, what are you doing? I tell him that : "breast feeding. " Guess what ziyi answer? he said: "O... then I go find daddy. "

After that he go to hug his daddy tight. I think he is looking for breast feeding time with daddy?? hahaha... it was so funny if you are watching with me on the action he did. LOL

This is my little zi han. "Hi everyone ..."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zi Yi and Me @ July 2011

31 July 2011:
mummy: ziyi, playground nice to play or not?
ziyi: yes.
mummy: then did you say thank you to daddy?
ziyi: thank you daddy.
mummy: ziyi say thank you daddy bring me to playground.
ziyi: harr??? is thank you playground..... not daddy.
( what theory is that?? )

26 July 2011:
baby: crying.. crying...
mummy say softly: baby don't cry.. good girl....
ziyi shout: baby don't cry! Stop! stop crying!
ziyi shout: I so angry!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joke of the day

joke 1: (10th July 2011)
ziyi: mummy... what is this??
mummy: this is breast pump.
ziyi: har??? breast thumb?? ....
ziyi: (raise up his thumb ...) this is thumb.... index.... why?? why breast thumb?
mummy: no ziyi... is call breast pump!!! p-u-m-p ... pump =="

Joke 2: August 2011
ziyi: mummy, I want to cut apple.
mummy: ziyi, mummy is peeling off the apple skin not cutting.
ziyi: I want to peel off the apple skin.
mummy: ziyi, you are too young to use the peeler, you don't know how to use it yet. is dangerous.
ziyi: I want!! I want to cut apple.
mummy: ziyi, "kids" not allow to do that now.
ziyi: yes.. I want the "kits"
mummy: ziyi... kids can't not touch, only "adult" can use it.
ziyi: no... I don't want "a duck" ....I want to cut apple
mummy: ziyi, only "adult" can do it.
ziyi: I don't want "a duck" .........

joke 3 (August 2011, note: po po don't know how to speak english):
mummy: ziyi, mummy cook sausagefor you okay?
ziyi: okay, I want sausage.
(sausage is ready ....)
po po: ziyi, 来吃source
ziyi: 是sausage la
me and chris: laugh until non-stop
po po: 讲 hotdog 方便 la ...
me and chris keep on laughing. LOL

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

札记 (1)

24 December 2010:
mummy: 1,2
ziyi:buckle my shoes.
ziyi: Shut..... Satu Malaysia!!

16 May 2011:
ziyi: mummy.. I can see the "I Set An"!!
mummy: what's that??
ziyi: you see, you see .. I ... Set... An...
mummy: .. oooo Isetan!!!

18 May 2011:
mummy: ziyi, do you want to go toilet?
ziyi: I want to go ToysRus... *smile ..
venue: when we having dinner at Empire Italianese.