Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girl with Girl and Boy with Boy

This is what I told ziyi in someday.
"ziyi, mummy help zihan take bath now. later daddy will help you." Ziyi is rejecting and keep asking why? Then I told him because "girl with girl and boy with boy"
Sounds like he understand and daddy helping him take bath all the time.

yesterday I was in the middle of nursing. ziyi asking: mummy, what are you doing? I tell him that : "breast feeding. " Guess what ziyi answer? he said: "O... then I go find daddy. "

After that he go to hug his daddy tight. I think he is looking for breast feeding time with daddy?? hahaha... it was so funny if you are watching with me on the action he did. LOL

This is my little zi han. "Hi everyone ..."


  1. Ziyi really cute. He is looking for his daddy "breastfeeding".

  2. zi han is gorgeous. the face looks bit like my brother's son. He is very very cute too