Monday, November 28, 2011

Zi Yi and Me @ November 2011

27 November 2011:
Mummy: Ziyi, where daddy go?
Ziyi:new land..
Mummy: no ziyi, daddy go Netherlands, or you can say Holland.
Ziyi: or Thailand.

Zi Yi want to show daddy the vampire look via Skype Video

26 November 2011:
Mummy: ziyi can you sit down, mummy need to make a u-turn. If not you will fall down.

Ziyi sit down.
Ziyi:mummy, what are you doing?
Mummy:mummy make a u-turn.
Ziyi:okay, I made a J-turn!

27 November 2011:
Ziyi Ask: why must close your eye when you sleep?
Me: Because I am tired.
Then I ask him, "why you want to close your eye?"
He laugh and say: haha... Because I want to sleep.
Daddy missed ziyi first concert due to business trip

Another Handsome picture from San Lorenzol Concert

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