Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joke of the day

joke 1: (10th July 2011)
ziyi: mummy... what is this??
mummy: this is breast pump.
ziyi: har??? breast thumb?? ....
ziyi: (raise up his thumb ...) this is thumb.... index.... why?? why breast thumb?
mummy: no ziyi... is call breast pump!!! p-u-m-p ... pump =="

Joke 2: August 2011
ziyi: mummy, I want to cut apple.
mummy: ziyi, mummy is peeling off the apple skin not cutting.
ziyi: I want to peel off the apple skin.
mummy: ziyi, you are too young to use the peeler, you don't know how to use it yet. is dangerous.
ziyi: I want!! I want to cut apple.
mummy: ziyi, "kids" not allow to do that now.
ziyi: yes.. I want the "kits"
mummy: ziyi... kids can't not touch, only "adult" can use it.
ziyi: no... I don't want "a duck" ....I want to cut apple
mummy: ziyi, only "adult" can do it.
ziyi: I don't want "a duck" .........

joke 3 (August 2011, note: po po don't know how to speak english):
mummy: ziyi, mummy cook sausagefor you okay?
ziyi: okay, I want sausage.
(sausage is ready ....)
po po: ziyi, 来吃source
ziyi: 是sausage la
me and chris: laugh until non-stop
po po: 讲 hotdog 方便 la ...
me and chris keep on laughing. LOL

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