Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ May 2012

31 May:


16 May:
ziyi was playing toys at Isetan. he get a toy and want to buy it.
mummy: ziyi, you see this toy says that only for 5 years old ( sign: 5+ and above ). How old are you now?
ziyi: 4 years old. (ziyi very sad and disappointed.)
ziyi: mummy, I want to buy this.....
I try to use the same approach and try to not buy the toys for him.
ziyi: you see... is for 4 years old .... that's me !!! Is for me !!!

opps...... any good excuse for me?

15 May:
Mummy: tomorrow is teachers day. Let's go pasar raya boring grap some snack for the party.
Ziyi:tomorrow is teacher Rina and teacher Joanna day.
Ziyi:then after that teacher Janalle day.....then
He named all the teacher, finally. That's the end of his teacher day.

1st May:
Ziyi said, I hope everyday is labour day. Then Ziyi asked what is labour day?

Mummy explained that this is a day daddy mummy no need to work. Everyone also no need to work and take a rest. That's why you don't have school because teacher also no need to work and no need to teach you.

Ziyi worries and say......."Can, teacher can work, she can teach me...."
I think he misunderstand that I said his teacher can't continue teach him.

So Cham, in his world daddy mummy and teacher can't take rest.

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