Friday, August 31, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ August 2012

25 August 2012
ziyi is watching "Food Fun" DVD talking about food, fruits, etc. There is introduction for pumpkin. video says.... "Here is the pumpkin patch."

Ziyi mumble and said: Yes... Pumpkin patch is at the Isetan!

*fainted ... He is referring the pumpkin patch to the kids fashion brand that he saw in Isetan!

27 August 2012
This is how ziyi spell Merdeka:
We corrected him but end up he till insist Merdeka should have DAY, and here is the new word:

28 August 2012
Zi yi enter the car and saw a chocolate bar then he question.
"Daddy, is this a surprise?"
Daddy said: "No."
Me: " ziyi do you feel surprise when seeing that?"
ziyi said: " Yes!"
Me: "Then this is a surprise."
Ziyi excited and says: Thanks !!

I wonder he really understand on the meaning of surprise! Well... maybe yes as he sounds excited. hahahaha...

30 August 2012
There is some left over apple purée from zi Han, lets see zi yi want to take some or not.

Me: ziyi, do you want to eat some purée?
Ziyi: yes. I eat at 1 years old.
Scope some and prepare to feed him. But he rejected and says with a puzzle face: " I eat at 1years old! I dunno how to grow DOWN.. I only can grow up......."
Me: So, you can not eat now?
Ziyi: can not.
Zi Yi 4th Birthday @ Sitiawan... 

Zi Yi 4th Birthday @ San Lorenzol

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