Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ July 2012

22 July:
Ziyi: mummy, you are so fat.
Me: then how abt ziyi?
Ziyi: I am so thin and daddy so thin and zi Han so thin...
Me: mummy where got fat? Show me where is my fat!
Ziyi point to my belly and says : HERE!
Don't know should laugh or angry....

* to ziyi: mummy's belly turns fat all because of you and zi Han!

15 July:
ziyi: mummy I want to become angry man.
me: why? why so angry?
ziyi: Just like Spiderman. I want to become Angry Man!
* He is refer to Angry Birds. =="

4 July:
Me: ziyi, today is zi han's birthday. can you choose one Barbie doll cake for zi han?
Ziyi: can I cut the cake with zi Han?
Me: sure, you can do that.
Ziyi: but I think I can't choose Barbie doll cake.
Me: why?
Ziyi: because I am boy!
Me: zi Han is girl, girl like Barbie doll cake.
Ziyi: but I cut the cake, I can not cut Barbie doll cake.
Me: today is not 18 August, today is zihan birthday so we buy Barbie doll cake.

At the cake house....
Me: ziyi can you choose for zihan? Pink Barbie doll?
Ziyi: hmmmm.... I want blue Barbie doll. Because I am boy....

Speechless ......

Zi Han's Barbie Doll Cake

2nd Celebration @ AVM Park

Zi Han and Gong Gong Po Po

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