Friday, November 30, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ Nov 2012

09 Nov 2012:
Ziyi:mummy, why you so greedy?
Me:ziyi, do you know what greedy means?
Ziyi:you buy so many things....
Ziyi: now our house got so many books, so many toys and so many puzzle!

Walao.... Like that also Kena shoot by him!

26 Nov 2012:
Chris Chern is helping me clean up the ceiling fan.
Ziyi refuse to play and want to monitor his daddy

I questioned him: Ziyi, is that you worry daddy will fall down?
ziyi: NO, daddy will not fall down.
me: Why?
ziyi: Because daddy is HERO!
I guess daddy was very happy to hear this.

then ziyi continue: 
If daddy fall down then mummy can do ...

after that he continue monitor his dad and now mummy keep laughing.

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