Sunday, December 16, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ Oct 2012

09 Oct 2012:
ziyi run and want to cross the road in front of nanny house.

me: STOP !!!

ziyi Stopped ( phew...)

me: ziyi, if you want to cross the road you need to stop and look at the left and right. If no car then you only can cross over.
ziyi:Yes. When you want to cross the road you need 2 special steps.
me: what is the steps?
ziyi: Step 1, you need to stop and look at left and right.
ziyi: Step 2, If no cars. then you can go any where.
me: you can not go any where. you only can cross the road!
ziyi: Yes. you only cross the road and all you need to do is 2 specials steps.
ziyi: Special Agent OSO need 3 Special Steps. if you cross the road you only need 2 Special Steps.

06 Oct 2012:
ziyi: The sun raise from the "dong" (东) is called A.M
ziyi: The sun goes to the "xi" (西) is called P.M
ziyi: 东南西北 (finger point to right, bottom, left, top) this is called North, South, East, West.

** Oh My !! why he mixed Chinese and English. Poor things is why the sequence of the direction in words for Chinese and English is not the same!! Not sure how long to take to explain to him again. Help !!!

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