Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zi Yi and me @ Dec 2012

12 Dec 2012:
ziyi learning idioms ....
is drizzling now....

ziyi: mummy, raining cats and dogs.
me: no ziyi, we only says that when heavy rain.
ziyi: not raining cats and dogs?
me: no ...
ziyi: the dogs and cats not falling down??
me: no ....
ziyi: is that raining worms and ants now?
me: =="
chris: Yes, is raining worms and ants now! hahaha....

13 Dec 2012:
Ziyi is making noise.....
Mummy: ziyi! Zip your mouth! Don't be nasty.
Ziyi: I say, button your mouth!

OMG! I though he created so many new version of idiom. end up at night read the idoms book with him only realize that really have "button your mouth" and also means stop talking.

hahaha... I really got to learn more.

16 Dec 2012:
ziyi is reading on human body book. On the Quiz page ....
Question: what is the largest part of your digestive system?
A. large intestine
B. Stomach
C. small intestine
ziyi: the answer is B.
me: Let's check the answer.
Flip to the digestive system and point to the sentences said small intestine is the largest part of the digestive system and read out for him.
me: so, the answer is C. small intestine.
ziyi: no! ( point to his intestine area ) you see here is so thin and flat. ( touch to his stomach. breath in and out to make stomach big ) you see, i can make my stomach big big.
ziyi: so the answer is B. Stomach!

I am looking at him and thinking on what to do ...
ziyi said: maybe the answer is B and C?? can?

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