Monday, October 8, 2012

Zi Yi and me @ Sept 2012

06 Sept 2012:
I was reading the animals facts cards with ziyi. We read on the fish category. On the Food column there is a fish eat other small fish and blood!
me: ziyi, mummy so scare, this fish eat blood and he will eat us as we got blood in our body....
ziyi: hmm.... ( keep thinking and looking at the card. )
ziyi: No worries mummy..... they live in the water! They can't bite us !
me: Ohhh Boy !!!! 

Suddenly feel so stupid to give this as an example to tell him that there is blood on our body. hahaha

23 Sept 2012:
ziyi: mummy, I got an idea....
mummy: what idea?
ziyi: You can drink a lots of water, then you go toilet. then you will slim down !

to ziyi : I know you want mummy slim down as what mummy wish, but this will not work :(

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