Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How can we have 12 little indian boys?

I guess you are very familiar with the song called 10 little indian boys.
If you are not, here is the lyrics:
1 little , 2 little , 3 little indian
4 little , 5 little , 6 little indian
7 little , 8 little , 9 little indian
10 little indian boys! :)

well...... ziyi can count 12 little indian boys! How can he do that? Let's see how can he do that magic count.

Here you go:
January, February, March April May
May, June, July August
September, October, Nor nor vember
12 little indian Boys!!!

Well, "March April May" should be March and April and the last lyrics suppose is '12 is December!!' ==" hahaha

Sometimes he will messup the songs and lyrics. But is okay, that bring lots fun to us. LOL

when holding the guitar he will says: "country music!!!"
he try to make a country music!! LOL

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