Saturday, November 29, 2014

#Throwback @2014

November 29, 2014
26 November 2014.
涵打喷嚏... Zihan sneezing......
Me: bless you...
Me:涵,你没有讲excuse me 啊?zihan you forgot to say excuse me?
涵:excuse me.
Me:涵,你改天打喷嚏的时候要盖着嘴巴呀。zihan,next time if you sneeze you need to cover up your mouth ya.
Me:因为如果你没有盖起来,你的细菌就会喷到全部人咯。because if you didn't do that you will spread the virus around.
涵:可是如果我盖我的嘴巴,我的手就会有很多细菌叻。But, if I cover up my mouth then my hands will full of germs.

October 11, 2014
Ziyi take out the biscuit from his bag. 
涵: 我要吃。
毅: 不可以,这个我拿在Anabelle birthday party. ( He direct translate from English again.)
涵:mummy 你讲share share.
涵:mummy 讲要相亲相爱!
毅: okay. 这个给你子涵。
Me: 为什么?
涵: 可是我们乡亲相爱嘛。(她还是不会用因为.....)
Me: mummy 很开心.......

This is what happened when ziyi caught in Judy Moody infection.
Me: ziyi, go "she she" first before you go to sleep.
Ziyi: wow mummy! You had the Extra Special Power! In short you can call it ESP.
Me: why? 
Ziyi: Because you can predict I want to "she she" after drinking water.
After toilet.....
Ziyi: mummy, do you know there is a sleeping prophet that he accidentally slept on the book and when he woke up he knew how to spell all the word in the book!
Me: wow. Really?
Ziyi: ya. But Judy moody can't. ...
After a while. ...
Ziyi: mummy. Do you have a dictionary?
Me: you want to sleep on a dictionary?
Ziyi: ya. I want to see if I can become a sleeping speller. Or maybe I can sleep on encyclopedia. .....

子涵:(哭...) gor gor 把我煮饭的弄乱乱聊了。
子涵: 不是。刚才我弄煮饭的好好了。现在收起来乱乱聊。(继续哭.....)

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