Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Zi Yi and Me @ Holland Paris

3 April 2013
Ziyi first day in daycare.

me: how are you today? got play lots game?
ziyi: Yes. we play sleeping game.
ziyi: The Rules is can not talk, can not make noise, can play, can not distrust your friend.
me: who win?
ziyi: So many people win.
me: did you win?
ziyi knock his head and said: Yes.

- always request to eat in the train.
- use btl to pass urine when we in Paris.

eat French dinner:
after finish the food, he told me:
mummy, I only eat nice food.
means when he reject to eat is not because he picky? is because the food not nice??

mummy, my eye so cool  @@ wind mild

hat: checked
glove : checked
scarf: checked
Jacket: checked
camera: Checked
always will check everthings before we out for day trip from golden tulip.

he keep say: snow ball snow ball....
in malaysia: He told me. mummy, next time you give me a magic glove. so that we can make snow ball.

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