Thursday, June 11, 2015

zi yi zi han and I @ June 2015

13 June 2015
When i was parking my car ziyi told me that he need to go pee pee. I quickly pass him the key so that he can open the door without waiting for me. this triggered Zi han says the same things to me that she also need to go toilet. After that she start shouting: gentalman gor gor. gentleman gor gor! Gor gor, be gentalman!
after I had parked car, she ran over to the washroom and found that her beloved brother had eased himself. Then she cry as usual and told me: gor gor 没有gentelman ......

13 June 2015 - part 2
Ziyi: mama, later I go olympiads maths you do this code activity okay?
I will check the answer later
Me:@@ ( not easy to be ziyi 's mum! Why don't he ask daddy do arr??)
Anyone know how to do? ?

Ziyi's Encryption

11 June 2015
Autogate no functioning so I have to get ziyi open the gate for me everyday when we reach home so that I don't need to get out from my car.
Ziyi: mum, why I need to do that everyday? Why you don't get Zi Han do it?
me: ziyi, usually gentleman will open the door or gate for ladies. I believe if daddy is here he will help us do so.
Ziyi: wow... Means I am doing man's job!
Me: yes! You are my little man!
Ziyi: okay mama! (He go down and open the gate for me happily)
Me:Go go go! Thanks ziyi.

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