Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ziyi imagine if Teacher Turns to a Creature

Ace Adventure Class again. This time Teacher said:Imagine teacher turns to a creature, you have to write down
1. What creature it is
2. What problem teacher will cause.
3. What happen at the end.

Here is his draft:
Beginning: Mr Lee Turns into a dragon.
Middle: Whenever he talks, flames came out. Soon, the school is on fire.
Ending: The fireman put out the fire.

Here is the story:
One day, Mr Lee was reading a book about dragons to some children :" Dragons are nice, I wish I am a dragon!" Then there was a "poof". A dragon was hen looking at the children.

The Dragon started to read, But the book turns into ashes. He said, "Sorry" but flames came out. He said "S" but flames still came out.

Since he was working at school, not long, the whole school was on fire and needed the firemen to put out the fire. They managed to put out the fire.


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