Monday, January 5, 2009


4 Jan 2009
me and husband purposely hug in front of 子毅 then he shout until his face so red. Then I carry him out from baby cot. then husband hug me thru him. so he in the middle of us. then he look at us and laugh

we just try and see when he will jealous. in fact tried many times and want to bring him a message that he live in a lovely family. daddy love mummy and mummy love daddy and daddy mummy love him

the next day morning Chris give me a good bye kiss in front of 子毅 also... he was sitting at his carrier. then he open big big eye turn left and right look at us! then both of us kiss him together! I feel so sweet. 以前我们很enjoy二人世界,现在三人世界更enjoy!应该要用台湾人口音“injoy” !!

5th Jan 2009学校开课,这像不像子毅的校服?蓝裤,白鞋!

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  1. Really Happy Sweet Family ~ JASLYN