Wednesday, January 17, 2007

70’s nights @ Damai Laut

Finally my company have a Company Team Building !! yeah yeah… I was so happy that I can have my "company trip". haha…

You know where we go?? –>> Damai Laut !!! as my eye almost drop. (my eye so small also can drop alamak)
You know why?? because that is my hometown. my lovely hometown Sitiawan !! alamak …

The most fun part in this company team building is 70’s night !
peace .. peace .. … NOT yo yo yo … but piece !!… we are 70’s

All the girls participate on the theme (70’s) … guy?? got la… half half gua.
Anyway the queen and the king is really really "geng"

The Queen, Ah Tzee…. I totaly can’t regconize her when she come to my room. That time I still bz to "plug in" my 70’s costume.

You can imagine that is her?? and her slogan of the night is "peace…" , "peace…."

The King, Ah Kat …. It was normal to me when I saw Kat at his table. Because I only can look at his top , and quite far away from my table.

dang dang dang dang …..

look carefully. his "shirt belt" actually is kenneth and jimmy’s luggage belt !!
and look more carefully. his "Scarf" is actually restauran’s "Napkins" !! OMG !!

The King and the Queen is too "geng" unitl only 2 of them be the focus point of the night.

Friends… look at here… this is the 2nd focus point.

4 pretty girls in 70’s. We are proud of ourself. hahaha…

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