Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some memories for Pregnant

I hope I can save some memories for my pregnancy life. Keep asking chris be my photographer "hundred" times... but every time he also said weekend and weekend. at the end both of us too busy for clean house and busy go back my mum's house and his mum's house during weekend. then end up postpone and postpone.

we really need to take photos as my stomach bigger and bigger. I always scare that if I suddenly stomach pain and want to deliver tomorrow then I will not have any memories for this.

Today (13 July 2008)... finally ...but we took very little photos... I think less than 20
I was a super model before I pregnant. But that is too tired to pose when I carry with a big big stomach. Chris was surprise that he only need to be 10 mins photographer ! last time he spend 30 to 90 mins as my photographer before we going to take our pre-wedding photos. why need to do this? because I want to know which angle I can looks prettier and looks slimier. then can i just pose easily when taking pre-wedding photos ! That is what I learn from a Taiwan TV program. hahaha

The stomach so so so big. This one took at 13 July. 1 month b4 the due date.

Chris and I & little baby inside my stomach

my stomach was 40inch++ 1 day b4 deliver.

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  1. sexy mummy :p...hehehe...
    Next time can show to ur baby!